Sturdy hiking socks made from British wool, to weather the elements on the hills and mountains, named after the town at the foot of Snowdon that is a popular destination for walkers and climbers.

Knitted at a smaller gauge than usual to accomodate a pure wool yarn, these socks are warm, stretchy, and will wick moisture from your feet as well as any hiĀ­tech performance material.

Designed for use in hiking boots, they have an eye of partridge heel for additional reinforcement and the smooth ribbing hugs your leg all the way up without the need for tight elastic cuffs.

Dpns? Magic loop? 2 circulars? Instructions are written for use with all needle configurations, so no need to interpret them for your own use.

Skills required
Casting on
Basic stitches (knit, purl)
Knitting flat and in the round
Decreasing (k2tog, ssk)
Picking up stitches
Grafting (Kitchener stitch)

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